The company Evrodom was established in 1991, as a small enterprise manufacturing small household items, originally named ET Milen Rachev.

In 1996 the growing business activities required the purchase of own manufacturing facilities located on an area of 6000 square meters on the territory of the town of Ruse and the transformation of the company into a Sole Limited Liability Company Evrodom with subject of activity – manufacturing home and office furniture.

In 1998 Evrodom Ltd. became a sub-contractor of the Swedish company IKEA and expanded its product range.

Having an increased consumption of MDF lacquered products and increased production of furniture for the domestic market Evrodom Ltd. faced the need to expand its manufacturing headquarters.

In 2004 Evrodom purchased a second site in Ruse, on area of 22,800 square meters, of which 4200 square meters of manufacturing facilities, and 350 square meters of storage area.

Evrodom launched its new manufacturing site in 2005 by commissioning the UV coating assembly line with a capacity of 400 square meters per hour and a possibility for extra boost.



The production profile is developed in such a manner that allows optimal processing for the intensively developing internal and international markets. The company is equipped with modern, highly effective machinery. The wisely selected machines guarantee perfect quality and extending the capacity of the production plant which aims at new higher quality of production.



Over the years clients of ours are companies like: \

IKEA (Sweden), CONRAN (UK), MODULAR (Switzerland), etc.

At present the company is focused on gaining wider range of customers, whith the ambition to satisfy the growing requirements of the Bulgarian customers and of our international partners.

Obliged by its history, traditions and company culture, Evro dom Ltd will continue to offer to its customers high-quality, stylish and elegant products for the internal and world market.



The company’s mission is to offer wide range of UNIQUE copyright furniture.

Furniture of Evrodom Ltd is a result of experience gained in the furniture manufacturing industry. It is created for people who cherish the classic style as well as for people who prefer modern style.

Our technical and project departments are built of experienced professionals. They can answer your specific even unusual projects and they can develop unique items for certain requests.

At the same time, due to perfect organization, high quality of Quality Control and precisely planned logistic, it is guaranteed that your furniture will be delivered according to the planned term and conditions.


Do not hesitate to contacts us with your questions and requests!

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