Modular System for Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

Modular System


The system offers wide range of internal division of sectors and choice of different configurations for doors. The configuration is made in few easy steps. This makes the wardrobe choice easy for the customer (consultant in the store) – easy, intuitive and without additional conditionality.

Main features of the wardrobe system will be explained in the following rows.

Sliding System

Reliable system of the German producer Hettich is used. This is the TopLine 22 System – proofed in time with its quality and industrial aptness. Main advantages are: great carrying capacity (up to 50 kg), simple mounting and upper carrier rail with great bending strength.                    

Overall Dimensions

Wardrobe system LINEA is designed with no compromises, but with optimal dimensions leading to functionality. It is a rule that customers very often seek for functionality and prefer the biggest wardrobes they can possibly get.

Main restrictions, which we have planned, are the height and the depth. They are fixed in order to optimize the production.

Commonly offered wardrobes on the market are with limited dimensions. This is often explained with the desire to reach lower prices.

Our desire is to present a big and functional wardrobe. That’s why we offer the biggest height possible (depending on the height of the premises, which is 240-245 cm), so the diagonal of the side can allow the side to be lifted from floor to upright position for mounting. A good height is 2300 mm, which means that with depth of 630mm, the diagonal would be 2385mm.  

Please, have in mind this fact when choosing your wardrobe. 

Free choice of width 

This wardrobe system allows the customers to choose width of the wardrobe. This way you can request a wardrobe which will serve your needs and available space. The only thing that you have to take in mind is the maximum and minimum allowed dimensions.              

Internal divisions

Often the wardrobes are associated with the number of their doors (divisions). Usually the inner division behind a door is called a sector. 

We think that the most logical thing is to give the customer option to choose these sectors. 

And we have ensured exactly this – possibility for personal choice of functional division behind every door. 

This is the greatest advantage of this system – opportunity to personalize and order your wardrobe the way it will best suit you. 

The internal divisions offered in the configurator are conformed with the technological provisions and to our market surveys. 


In order to create variety and modern look, we’ve provided doors to be made of different elements – different colours and materials. Aluminum edge handle is used to frame and band together the single panels.

A feature of the door’s vision is the metal edge handle.

The separate panels of the doors can be made of different materials with thickness 18 mm – particle board, MDF matt, MDG gloss, mirror with a board.

The separate details are connected by the handles and additional metal fittings in the back side.

There are no connecting profiles between the panels with different colours, in order to accomplish stylish and better vision of the wardrobe.

Every panel for this type doors is universally drilled in order to allow the possibility of future change in the configuration and vision of the doors. This allows you the freedom to redesign the doors in order to change and freshen up the interior. 

Material options

Due to the high-technology UV-roller for UV-covering of MDF and in order to accomplish high quality and image – the body of LINEA wardrobe is made of MDF with high resistant coating in RAL 9010 (white) colour.

Technological features

  • The outer sides of the wardrobe are made with a groove for the hardboard back. Thus, there is a buffer behind the wardrobe – for wires and better fit to the walls; and also for better ventilation of the hardboard – in order to avoid moisture in the wardrobe.
  • The wardrobe has adjustable legs – a good use for uneven floors or levelling loops. 

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