Generally the kitchen is built of modules with the relevant construction, additional covering and decoration.

Due to the gained experience in the design of custom kitchens, we were able to gather a very good system of kitchen modules with excellent characteristics for combining. This eases the initial customers’ choice for the type of the cabinets, style, layout, etc. This also leads to a faster and more creative layout of initial project, later corrections and changes.

This is the moment when we have to draw your attention to some patterns of the different layouts in the kitchens: one wall kitchen, galley kitchen, L-shaped kitchen and U-shaped kitchen. The layout of the corner modules is very important, because of the spot where two cabinets adjoin. There are various options for this and respectively there are different modules for this.

The right choice of corner module to great extent determines the functionality of the lower kitchen row.

The variety is supplemented by modules for upper cabinets, modules for medium level, column modules, second row of upper cabinets, bar modules, finishing modules, etc. It is good to know that the logic and layout of all these modules is pursuant of ergonomics and functionality. Main patterns which are followed are: height of lower row - 850-900mm, height of upper row – between 450 and 900mm, distance between countertop and upper row is 600mm, the depth of the lower row is in compliance with the minimal depth needed for electrical appliances to be built in – 600mm, and the depth of the upper row is 300mm. 

Implementation and configuration of the modules is supplemented by additional construction elements: end panels, lighting panels, distance and filling blends. The right usage of these elements leads to a kitchen layout which is harmonic and stylish, without the sight of irritating gaps, excessive tearing, angles and advert effects of poor construction (curved walls and corners).

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